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Do Not Use Cheap Sewer and Drain Cleaners!

The Dangers of Using Unprofessional Drain Cleaning Solutions

If you see slow draining in your kitchen and bathroom, your first reaction would be to grab the wrench and start unclogging the drains yourself. Local hardware stores sell cheap sewer and drain cleaners as another option, but what are the dangers of applying unprofessional products?

Most standard drain cleaning solutions have a high chemical content in them. These chemicals can do more harm than homeowners can imagine. A number one problem is that they lead to pipe deterioration. When a significant clog slows the water flow in the pipes, pouring liquid drain cleaner into them is not the answer. The toxic ingredients these products have will remain trapped in the pipelines, where they slowly begin to deteriorate the materials from the inside. The longer and more frequently you pour them into the drains, the weaker the pipes become.

Another issue that most people do not think about is the toxic fumes in the house. When you utilize these conventional products in the sewer and the drains, the fumes from those chemicals will slowly work their way back up the pipes to the drain. These are deadly, toxic fumes that can make the air extremely dangerous for your health.

One more threat is contaminating the water main. When you keep pouring dangerous, cheap sewer and drain cleaners down your sink, you should consider that they are just as bad. Reading the label on the bottle is a good idea, but your best decision would be to hire a professional plumber to remove any blockages within the pipes.

To prevent all these dangers from happening, do not hesitate to call Drains R Us at (262) 605-0022. Our plumbing contractor has vast experience in the field, and our expert technicians can help you solve the problem without any risks to your plumbing system or health. We operate in Kenosha, WI.

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