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What Are the Most Common Tools Used by a Plumbing Contractor?

The Most Common Tools Used by Plumber

There are a few distinct items that are essential to have in your arsenal, regardless of whether you’re a professional plumbing contractor or just a homeowner seeking to DIY some pipes. Many of these items are required for the majority of plumbing jobs, while others are crucial for productivity. Although you don’t need to buy all these tools at once, you will need to fill out your toolbox gradually. This is the list to look at if you’re seeking to start.


A plunger is the best hand tool when it comes to basic plumbing tools. A plunger is necessary for most homeowners, but it also ranks as one of the most important plumbing tools. It is crucial that a plumber have one with them. Plumbers should have the precise plunger they will need for each task on hand. It can be used to unclog showers, sinks, and bathtub drains by covering the drain with a rubber cap.


In order to screw, fasten, tighten, or loosen pipe fittings, plumbers frequently use wrenches. Unfortunately, there is no “one-size-fits-all” wrench you can purchase because the pipe fittings might come in various sizes. Wrenches come in a range of sizes and forms, ensuring that you always have the proper tool for the job.


Most people are familiar with the term “plier” because it implies the ability to hold or turn objects. Pliers make it possible to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts in tiny, more difficult-to-reach spaces. When a wrench doesn’t fit in the area you need to reach; this tool can be useful.

The Plumber’s Putty

This simple but powerful tool is also known as a caulk. A newly installed sink or toilet’s foundation is stabilized using a plumber’s putty, which also stops leaks from occurring from either fixture. For toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, and drains, plumbers use it as a finishing material to prevent moisture from entering any gaps or seams. Use plumber’s putty to prevent unwanted moisture from causing the growth of mold and mildew!

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